Information for parents


Does the school of your child participate in the BiBi-project? Then your child will receive an information letter, a consent form, and a questionnaire in the first week. In the information letter, you can find information about the project and the tests that your child can participate in. By signing the consent form, you indicate whether or not you allow your child to take part. When you give your permission, we will ask you to fill out the questionnaire about the (language) situation at home. Of course we hope to welcome you into the study!

Your child will take a number of tests, most of which will be run on a laptop. Among other things, he or she will name pictures, press buttons as fast as possible, solve puzzles, and watch short movie clips. It is our experience that children like our tasks. The tests are divided among three sessions of approximately half an hour, which will be run on different days. Between each test there will be the opportunity to take a break.

The BiBi-project abides by the requirements of the ethical committee of the Université Libre de Bruxelles. This means that the results will be stored and analysed anonymously. Participation is absolutely voluntary. Since we are interested in the average skills within each language group the individual results of your child will not be available.

Does the school of your child not yet participate in the BiBi-project? But you would be happy to contribute to language research? Please contact us! Also for further questions you can send us an e-mail.

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